I never really considered doing a boudoir shoot until my fiancé told me I should think about doing one for him as a wedding present. I wasn’t going to do one because I wasn’t sure what to do it with and I just had so much anxiety thinking about being so exposed around someone I didn’t know. I came across Stacy’s page on Facebook and said what the heck I might as well since I’m getting married soon. 

The day of the shoot I was so incredibly anxious about what it was going be like and how comfortable I’d feel.

When I got to the studio I was so nervous and the make up artist gave me a hug and reassured me that everything would be okay, which honestly helped a lot. I had never had my hair and makeup done before and she made me feel so beautiful. When it came time to take pictures Stacy made me feel super comfortable and showed me exactly how to pose. She showed me sneak peeks of the photos as she took them which helped build my confidence while we were shooting. 

Viewing my pictures after the shoot was so fun because I had never seen myself look so sexy. Im so use to seeing my self in the mirror and picking at the things I don’t like so it felt very healing seeing these things and feeling beautiful.

I will forever recommend Stacy to any female who struggles with confidence and the anxiety that comes with! I can not thank Stacy enough for helping my find the confidence I have been seeking since I was a teenager. I was worried I wouldn’t feel confident and beautiful on my wedding day because it’s always been something iv struggled with, but because of my new found confidence I have no doubt that It will be the best day ever. I can not say enough nice things about Stacy, this over all experience was worth every single penny and I already want to do it again!!