I’ve wanted to do a boudoir shoot for years now. I always wanted to wait until I had the “perfect body” to do so. While preparing for my first bikini competition, my husband commented on how I should do one. His birthday was coming up, so I thought I would surprise him with one! I looked in local Facebook groups to find a photographer. I found Stacy, and her group came highly recommended. I saw her work, and I loved her style and quality. I booked a call with her for more info. She was so sweet and amazing! She went over the whole process, and what to expect so I could be as prepared as possible. I booked on the spot!

Stacy kept in contact throughout the time until the shoot with reminders and tips. I was in the middle of one of the busiest seasons of my life: prepping for my competition, selling and buying a house, homeschooling, and running a business. Stacy offered her client a closet so I wouldn’t worry about shopping. I went and picked out outfits for the shoot. Again, she was so sweet and amazing! She was the best hype girl but honest in an excellent way if something wasn’t as flattering as another piece. I felt like I walked out of her studio with a new BFF.

Photo shoot day! I was nervous on the drive there. Once there, Stacy and her MUA Brilee chatted with me like we were all friends. It helped bring the nerves down as Brilee worked her magic. After hair, makeup, and outfits, I felt like I had never felt about myself. I was ready for the shoot! Stacy worked her magic and made me feel beyond comfortable. It was shocking how relaxed I was. She showed me all the poses and told me exactly what to do. It was so much fun, but I was sad when it was over.

What I love about Stacy is that you get your photo reveal SAME day! After lunch, we went through all the pics one by one. My mouth dropped a few times at my photos. I couldn’t believe how much I loved so many of them. I was worried going in that I would dislike them more than not. I went in thinking I would buy one package. I ended up upgrading because I loved so many and couldn’t narrow it down. 

I thought I booked my shoot for my husband, but it turns out I really did it for myself. I loved the entire experience so much. I walked out feeling so empowered. It was a huge confidence booster. I can’t wait to book another! Stacy was amazing throughout the whole process. She truly has become a friend and part of my support system. 

If you’re on the fence of booking, DO IT! It’s not just another shoot for her; Stacy truly cares about her clients and makes you feel your best. I can’t imagine booking with anyone else.

Signed your MOST FAVORITE client ever!!!!