Working with Stacy and her team was so much fun. From the moment I arrived I felt comfortable and increasingly confident. Everything from the flow of the session to the Playlist just worked. In fact it quelled so well that when she told me it was 1pm, I couldn’t believe that much time had gone by. 
Stacy does an amazing job of describing the set up and capturing just the right moment, and she’s fantastic at immediate affirmation. I love how she brings in so much natural light. The hardest part was picking my favorite pictures because I loved them so much! 
For any woman that is struggling with embracing her body or just wants to feel like an absolute badass, I highly recommend booking a session. Every woman is worth having this experience. Don’t wait until you feel pretty or confident enough. Stacy and her top notch team will help you bring out the best of you and capture it in a way that is classy and sexy.