Ladies! It’s a beautiful day in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’m so excited to tell you about Miss Mariah and her experience in the studio! 
What a fun and energetic session! Mariah was the winner of our Wet T-Shirt & Cherries boudoir session, and what a perfect client she was! She absolutely killed her session! 

As women we tend to put other’s needs in front of our own, and as mothers, that tendency only intensifies. Mariah is no exception to this! She had her son at only 25 weeks. She lives her life putting him and his needs first always! It’s already easy to to lose yourself in motherhood, and even more so when you have a precious kiddo who benefits from extra attention. 
To add to that, she’s planning a wedding! Congrats to Mariah on her engagement and wedding coming up very soon! 

Thanks so much to Mariah for being such a perfect client and bringing the best energy! 
I had the best time with you! 

If you’re a mom who feels like she’s lost herself in life and motherhood, read Mariah’s review below!  Then reach out today and let’s chat about bring that inner baddie back out! 👏🏽👏🏽

“Thank you so much, I truly enjoyed the whole experience! It’s easy to forget sometimes you are a whole ass Goddess who brought life into the world, especially when sleep is few and far between 🙈 It was nice to get a much needed confidence boost! Thank you again Stacy for capturing it.”