Hello Beautiful!


I have a passion for helping women realize how beautiful and powerful they truly are! Every woman has a reason to book a boudoir session. I would love to get to know you and help you bring your “why” to life.

To put it into perspective, when I’m not photographing, I am at home with my family. My husband and my two boys, Cody and Cooper. I am almost always found with a caffeinated beverage, or shopping for things that I don’t need. I am a lover of all things leopard! I am a WIFE. I am a MOTHER. I am a WOMAN. Just like YOU!

meet stacy

I truly believe that every woman has her own story.  Here’s a little bit of mine…

meet stacy

I have struggled with my weight or what I thought was a struggle, most of my life.  I was always the larger one in my household, at school, and what felt like everywhere I went.  I remember being 13 and just being so confused as to why my body looked the way it did.  As I got older, I let my weight hold me back from being who I wanted to be (spoiler alert, big mistake).  It robbed me of security in relationships and stole my happiness, as well as my ability to see the true me.  I let it define my worth.  Because of that, I let so many good years slip by, I thought I was unworthy of anything other than what the scale said.

I decided enough was enough, I wanted to be ‘normal’.  I wanted to look in the mirror and LOVE what was staring back at me.  I invested in a boudoir shoot for myself and for the first time in a long time, I was happy with what I saw.  It was here that the seed of self-love was planted.  I worked hard on changing my thoughts.  I learned about the love of Jesus and how I was created for a purpose.

My life has been forever changed and I want this for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN!  My purpose is to plant the seed of self-love.  God created you just the way you are for a reason.  I am here to help you see just that!

Ready for a life changing experience?