I turned 40 last year, and I decided I wanted to do something for ME. I’ve been momming my entire adult life and now that my kids are getting older, I decided to get to know myself again a bit. Not the mom that does all of the appointments, cooking, driving to practices, and packing lunches. The WOMAN that I am and always have been beneath the Mom. 
I’m gonna be real. I’m a very anxious person that likes to know exactly what is happening and when it’s happening. I don’t like doing new things because you never know about something unfamiliar to you! Some people call it being a control freak, type A personality, whatever you wanna call it. Then we got the low self confidence. Throw that altogether and you get a bit of a feral ‘control freak’ with anxiety that may have rescheduled her appointment and pushed it out 6 months because she didn’t feel ‘ready’. Spoiler alert: I did that. 
Fast forward to my appointment day…Stacy had already checked in with me numerous times beforehand and that made me feel a little more at ease, but the day of,  I walked in there on high alert, not feeling like I could ever relax for this. Who do I think I am? I’m an old mom…I’m not SEXY?!?!
Well Stacy threw all of those nerves of mine out the window almost immediately. If you’re on the fence about treating yourself to this experience, just freaking DO IT.
When I decided last year I was going to commit to this, I followed a few photographers in the area and joined some facebook groups. I essentially chose Stacy as my photographer because she doesn’t over-edit her photos. Like yeah….I wanna feel hot and confident when I see these pictures, but I also want it to look like ME! She freaking nailed it. 
From the time I sat down in the chair and Briley did my hair and make up…accentuating my features while not over painting my face, I felt my confidence begin to build. Then I got dressed and we started shooting and she showed me some of the images on her camera and I was like ‘holy shit, that’s ME?!?!’ I got more and more comfortable as the shoot went on and by the end I was SO hyped! This girl knows exactly how to pose you to highlight the good features that you didn’t even know you had. My husband is also a big fan of her work haha! It helps that we did the photos on his other love, his #1 Harley. 
This was so damn fun, if you have an idea, just tell her and she will figure out how to make it work, and she makes it work well. 
Seriously, just book the appointment