Mrs. S

When Mrs. S walked in my door for her second session with me, it was like seeing an old friend! We hugged at the door and proceeded to set everything down while chatting it up. I could visibly see her pre-session nerves were starting to show. As we moved to hair and makeup, she sat down, and the question, “How has life been?” flowed naturally out of my mouth.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

She took a deep breath and unloaded the past few years. Some fantastic things, like a fiancé; some hard things, like putting herself through school and blending a family; and some tough things, like overcoming an eating disorder. As she opened up and told her story, as so many women do, all I could think about was the beautiful woman in my hair and makeup chair, who was now living for the first time in a long time!

She told me this was not only a session for her fiancé but also for herself. She wanted to discover the woman she knew was there but was lost. She wanted to feel alive and free from the dishonest thoughts in her head. She wanted to see herself the way her fiancé saw her.

The Session

When she had her first look after hair and makeup, she said, “WOW!” “I look so GOOD”! Her excitement had arrived, and she was ready to start her boudoir session! Starting with our first set, I took a few photos and showed her the back of the camera. Her eyes lit up, her mouth opened, and she said the best, “THAT’S ME!” “I LOOK SO GOOD!” The rest of her boudoir session was full of laughs, OMG’s, and I look so good!

We sat down at her image reveal, and she had just started with the biggest simile!

The Text

The following day, I opened my phone to see this text message.

” Just so you know, you’re one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. You’re so appreciated. You’ve helped me find the confidence and strength I didn’t know I had. You are powerful and a total goddess who helps others find their strength. I hope you know how amazing you are.”

I was speechless, happy, and full of joy, knowing she was moving forward in life with her head held high and her dishonest thoughts behind her.

This is why I do what I do. I’m ready when you are ready!