I had such an amazing time at my boudoir shoot! I have to admit I was the girl who was hesitant to book a session because I’m a little fluffy and I didn’t think it was something I could do and feel beautiful! But I finally just said “fuck it” and booked my session! I was doing this for me!! I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had done something for JUST ME! I am currently going through a divorce and really needed this! Let me tell you it was everything I wanted it to be and more!!!

I learned how hard it is to arch your back on command 😛 and that I really have to concentrate on relaxing my forehead 😜 but Stacy talked me through all of it and showed me what it should look like, which made me feel confident in what I was doing and like the SEXY MOMMA I knew I could be! ❤️‍🔥 She was also there making sure I didn’t bust my ass in those heels! 👠 These women are fabulous and definitely know how to make a girl feel beautiful! 🥰 So don’t let a little fluff stop you! I can’t wait to book another one! 😍